If you are like most people, you probably don’t quite know what copywriting is, simply put; it is business writing with a marketing approach. Copywriting is a ‘word art, we say everything a business wants their target audience to know, while still keeping their attention.

I don’t sell my services; those that hire me know the value of what copywriters do. The entire world of business: company names, slogans, pamphlets, mission statements, profiles, ads, sales letters, PR’s, speeches, landing pages, websites etc. revolve around the work of copywriters (professional business writers).

Even if you speak English fluently, you would come to realize that copywriting is an acquired skill. Some have it, some don’t. With a good copywriter by your side you’ll truly understand the value it adds to your business. Small changes. Big results.

It doesn’t matter what language you start off with. With resources at my fingertips I take any text clients have and bring it to life with my professional quality English business writing.

Comprehensive Content Writing 

  • Website writing (up to 8 pages) – $250
  • Blog articles – $50 (500 word)
  • Customer stories – $30/hr
  • Landing pages –  $30/hr
  • eNewsletters – $30/hr


 Corporate Writing

(Rates are per project basis – starting at .22c/word) 

  • Company profiles
  • Biographies
  • Executive profiles
  • Press releases
  • Annual reports and/or annual report proof-reading
  • Case studies


Creative Marketing Materials

(Rates are per project basis) 

  • Inbound and outbound marketing collateral
  • Marketing plans
  • Content strategy
  • Video scripts
  • Slogans/Taglines
  • Promotions
  • Promotional videos
 * A 30% deposit is required to ensure client commitment and commencement of work. Quotes may be based on an estimated word count and does not necessarily reflect the final fee/word count.

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