Small businesses can often  find themselves in an intimidating position with a multitude of thoughts and fears tagging along in their journey. There’s no denying, it is not an easy undertaking but definitely not impossible. It’s important to know your skill set and out-source what you cannot do. This way it leaves you enough energy to focus on making an impact within the niche you’re going into as opposed to wearily scrapping the surface. 
One of our clients did just that – she reached out and found exactly what she was looking for after realizing you simply can’t do it all on your own.
Here’s an excerpt from our correspondence:
“I’m trying to do everything possible to boost sales and taglines (among many other things) are supposed to help. I’m stuck within my own train of thought, and sometimes it helps to reach out. “
After going through her site and noting the feel and tone I sent along a short set of questions to find out what exactly she’s hoping to achieve. With writing you have to keep your mind on the objective and not necessarily the immediate task at hand.
This is the outcome (below is her response):

Klayful Kreations – Molding Imagination

We bring imagination into existence!

If you can think it, we can make it – but just in case you can’t, we offer unique, handcrafted gifts for every ‘klayful kreature’! Give the perfect gift, one that’s full of flavor and function! 


Klayful Kreations is inspired by a mother-daughter moment captured in clay.We are a team of two, fiercely determined to make art functionally cool and unique too. Our team consists of the artistic, vibrant Liah; our blooming 12 year old designer. Along-side her is Emily, the bedrock of Klayful Kreations; also known as mom, the motivator and the molder finale.

Our mother-daughter duo work diligently to take creativity to new heights. Every piece of work goes through a delicate process of designing a prototype and thereafter sealing it into a polymer-clay creation. With two pairs of hands, our labor of love transforms into the perfect gift idea.

Klayful Kreations are carefully constructed to not only look uniquely exquisite but to offer function in our day-to-day lives. With that said, a touch of personalization and sometimes a fully customized re-creation is just what it takes to make the perfect gift for your loved one(s) (or even yourself!).

Take a peek into the imagination of a natural artist and the window into your own ideas. We welcome fresh thoughts and will gladly ‘kreate’ your mind’s masterpiece. From paper into product, how can you not love that?!

Her response:
“I LOVE it!!! That is exactly what I was looking for! You gave me chills 😀  This slogan going everywhere!And the story! Fantastic! Much, much better than what I had. I love the idea of a video.” ( Offered a few marketing suggestions)
So there you have it folks, we aren’t “Write On” Marketing for nothing! Take it from us, a little extra help goes a long way. Your success is ours, so don’t shy away – let’s get it done right by doing it Write On!