Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. are ever growing in popularity. Without incorporating digital marketing into your company strategy, you will definitely be in the position to lose out on a lot of traffic. Social media is a quick and easy way to reach a very large number of people all at once. It’s a level playing field for small businesses to get a shot at making it, and for larger corporations to comply with this growing trend.

The success of digital marketing is dependent on the strategy put into play, this is vital to its success. Without a strategy your company is asking for failure. Campaigns keep content strategy rolling smoothly and are aimed directly at reaching set targets and objectives.

Here’s a sample of one those campaigns:



Prep Into Motion!

Without a doubt exercise on any level will increase our overall health and wellness. However, we must recognize that with all physical activity the body must equip itself with the necessary measures for maximum results. Failure to do such may lead to unnecessary injury or overall poor results.

 Prior to participating in any sport, exercise or physical activity one must keep in mind two very crucial steps: the warm-up and cool-down. If we fail to prepare, we will inevitably be preparing to fail.  With an extra 5-10 minutes we not only take preventative measures against injury but also enhance our performance. Studies indicate a proper warm up prior to engaging in exercise is more likely to reduce post-exercise muscle soreness, increase blood flow, ready the heart rate for exercise, as well as stimulate the mind for its’ mental game.
 Alongside our start, our finish is just as important! Exercise researchers are all in agreement that the benefit of cooling down after hard exercise is to prevent fainting and dizziness. Such an outcome results from blood pooling in the extremities, thus resulting in these undesirable consequences.
 Despite the wide array of views regarding warming up and especially cooling down, one thing is for sure: prevention is better than cure.  Common injuries that result from a lack of preparation are sprains, strains and swollen muscles.
 The steps are simple, a warm up; which is essentially preparing the body and mind for strenuous activity, requires one to gradually elevate the heart and respiratory rate through mild movement such as stepping on the spot. Thereafter lightly stretching to warm up muscles and increase blood flow. The entire process should take roughly ten minutes. A cool-down is similar to a warm up just the reserve, requiring one to slow down the heart rate with gentle exercise, then stretching and of course re-fueling which should take five to ten minutes. Also, being sure to properly hydrate is imperative when undergoing any form of physical activity.
 Exercise is an open door to change the world that surrounds us. Good health creates energy, highlights opportunity and best of all keeps us happy. With the right steps, our road is paved for success. So – get set, get prepped and move into motion!