Words are powerful! Be careful not to take it lightly when working with them. In every relationship (including business) they can make or break you (if it’s a marriage, it can crush you in itty-bitty pieces!) but in business it has the potential to increase or decrease sales/leads exponentially.

Small changes. Big results. 

Split tests have proven that even ONE word changed can result in a significant increase in potential customers following the call of action. Words used right are a powerful tool for all businesses.

Comprehensive Content/Business Writing 

  • Website writing (up to 8 pages) – $250
  • Blog articles – $50 (500 word)
  • Customer stories – $30/hr
  • Landing pages –  $30/hr
  • eNewsletters – $30/hr

Other Services

  • Strategic Resume Writing – $99

Corporate Writing

(Rates are per project basis – starting at .22c/word) 

  • Company profiles
  • Biographies
  • Executive profiles
  • Press releases
  • Annual reports and/or annual report proof-reading
  • Case studies


Creative Marketing Materials

(Rates are per project basis)

  • Inbound and outbound marketing collateral
  • Marketing plans
  • Content strategy
  • Video scripts
  • Slogans/Taglines
  • Promotions
  • Promotional videos

 * A 30% deposit is required to ensure client commitment and commencement of work. Quotes may be based on an estimated word count and does not necessarily reflect the final fee/word count.

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