Here’s Why

So why not just do it yourself, if you read and write English, how hard can it be?

Simply put… because most small business aren’t able to communicate their message clearly. They’re too involved and can’t see through the lens of their customers.

Perspective is paramount.

Without the use of a professional copywriter, businesses (you) aren’t able to leverage your qualities. Your “sales pitch” is flat. No one noticed.

Maybe instead of a very wordy pitch you tried something like UpWork?

It’s true, there you’ll often find a bargain price to get writing done – it isn’t any better than your own writing, or maybe worse, especially if you aren’t willing to pay the going rate for a professional writer (I say that with all due respect).

Maybe you’re thinking of hiring an agency?

An agency is a great idea, and they should have an in-house copywriter. The problem with this however is companies are paying significantly more for their copywriting needs via an agency than hiring a freelancer (or me!)

Businesses that are trying to align themselves competitively risk missing the mark.

How? By not creating the necessary impact to set them apart, attract customers or even get the exposure they’re looking for. Considering many people aren’t able to communicate their message, they will likely all fall into the mistake of appearing very unprofessional.

Consider this…

  • save money (cut the middle man out i.e. expensive marketing agencies)
  • save time (don’t stress over what needs to be said and how to say it)
  • establish a uniform tone/voice/brand (so you’ll be seen as a professional/trusted)
  • enable consumers to engage in product/services (build rapport means loyal customers which translates to sales!)
  • get one-on-one attention (a remote freelancer has you on list of priorities, trust me)

Here’s what to expect

I am an experienced Copywriter – I establish the voice of a business through creating a unique tone (by way of vocabulary and grammar). As well, I make use of psychological triggers based on your targeted audience, this works to get people moving. Essentially, my work is designed to create reactions and results.

I have a diverse background – apart from personal world experience. This equips me with a better understanding about people (target audience), behaviour, and linguist characteristics. This is necessary to effectively change the tone of writing. I’m also a Certified Copywriter and an Internet Marketing Specialist, so I’m trained to leverage clients in the digital realm (which touches every business).

Copywriters generate interest by engaging their audience; through catchy (but honest) headlines, through storytelling and through the actual word usage that connects to a specific audience.

All these determine the success of business, so by not hiring someone to ensure all facets are in place, companies can suffer the loss of countless sales or incompletions in following a “call to action”.

Some people think that just because they know the language they can craft a functional copy – they are greatly mistaken. When words are crafted correctly, they instantly build an emotional connection (with the specific audience). That connection is the establishment of rapport which is the beginning of trust, which results in sales/clients. Without that, there are only many words thrown around and no real dialogue through it.

By crafting a targeted copy your business can rise to new heights! Period.

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