Huh? Who? What…? Did you just say “COPYWRITER”?


That’s right, you heard correct, c-o-p-y-w-r-i-t-e-r – no, no, not copyright, but “write-ER”.


Never heard of it, huh?


Don’t worry, I only stumbled on it by accident; one very fine day. I didn’t have the slightest clue that the work which seemed to come to me naturally, work that I was doing on and off for years was referred to as “copywriting” ( I should have guessed there was name for it, since everything seems to have a name, like ‘selfitis” 😉 ). I thought the copywriting I had done was just a nameless thing I happen to be good at and enjoy. I would hear comments like, “wow, you wrote that!“, “that’s so creative“, “how’d you manage to come up with that” or the unforgettable, “did you think of that?”. With a puzzled expression and a raised eyebrow, uncertain if I should take some of those words as a compliment or an insult, I would nonchalantly reply – “yeah, I did that”.


I’m sure you must be wondering how I came to ‘discover’ that I was a “copywriter” (okay, well if you’re not wondering, do my ego a favor and pretend). This is how it all happened – in a short, longer than necessary story (for your reading enjoyment, of course!).


So, one lovely very hot day, I was sitting there feeling somewhat cornered, in a new environment, surrounded by a mix of emotion in trying to “settle in”, when I found myself perusing through local online classifieds. I was not quite sure what I was looking for, but hoping that I’d find a ray of light somewhere in the midst of my new-world. After what might have been a good five minutes (you know the five minutes you’re certain couldn’t have only been just five minutes) I noticed repetitive posts searching for an ‘English Copywriter’. I knew I had the English part down, but what was a “copywriter”? I had never heard the word before (yes, I’m only part genius). So, I did what all wise professionals would do and I went to the most reliable source in the world – Google! My fingers eagerly typed, “What is a copywriter?” Right then, and there folks was a true ‘light-bulb moment’!


I read the first description I saw, and in awe, said to myself, “I’m a copywriter!!! It actually has a name… wow”. In that definitive span of 5 minutes, the copywriter in me was officially born – 5 years and counting.


Thus, in support of all the other part-genius people out there, I feel obliged to share this knowledge with you. Allow me the esteemed honor of introducing you to the definition of a copywriter:



Develops concepts and ideas for advertising and marketing materials and campaigns. Writes a wide variety of communications for print, TV, radio, and the Internet. Generates ideas with other members of the creative team. Works in both agency and corporate settings.(Source)

[I’m not impressed with the dictionary definition]


Ah! Who knew, right? That’s what it is folks and ‘Your English Copywriter’ is proud to tell you I do all that and more. Why “and more”, you ask? Well, apart from the modest-genius side that’s obsessed with analyzing human behaviour and translating it into words that can – make you, shake you, or break you; I do what I do with passion. I love what I do, even if I was engulfed in a bubble of ignorance. I guess as the French say, some of us are just ‘au naturel, oui?’.



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